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NADRA Marriage Certificate

Are You Looking for a NADRA Marriage Certificate?

The Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC) is a key marriage document. If you don’t have one, you can get it tomorrow. We can obtain your Nadra Marriage Certificate. If you’re registered in Karachi, Rawalpindi, or Islamabad, we can get the Nadra Marriage Certificate verified and get you a duplicate copy. An online Check for Nadra’s Marriage Certificate is not available. 

It is the document that proves the marriage (Nikah) between two people (husband and wife) in Pakistan. Should you need to check and scan, NADRA has developed a civil registration computerized system for local governments in Pakistan. 


Types of Marriage Certificates in Pakistan: 


  • It is sufficient to prove a marriage’s legitimacy with the Urdu Nikah Nama (which is a Muslim tradition). 

  • An Urdu and English computerized marriage certificate.


It is important to have both documents, however, the Nikah Nama not only certifies the marriage but also serves as a complete marriage contract. NADRA Marriage Certificates cannot be issued without a Nikah Nama. It is possible to use both documents as evidence of a legally registered marriage in any legal forum, but a NADRA Marriage Certificate is necessary for immigration to another country. It is not possible for NADRA to verify a Marriage Registration Certificate, but if you scan its QR code, you will see a NADRA message that it can be verified by the issuing authority.  

Nadra Marriage Certificate

What is Nikah Nama?

There is a legal document in Pakistan known as the nikah nama, a four-page manual document.

In the presence of a witness, the document must be signed.

The Nikah registrar also provides a copy of the nikah nama to the bride and groom.

An official stamp and signature are added to the Urdu Nikah Nama prepared by the Nikkah Khawan (Nikah Registrar) following the solemnization of the Nikah. A signed Urdu Nikah Nama contains the signatures of the bride, the groom, and the witnesses. The Nikahnama is an important part of the Islamic marriage system. It outlines the responsibilities agreed upon by the bride and groom.

NADRA Marriage Certificate: What is it?

It is a legal document for a married couple to obtain a computerized marriage certificate issued by NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority). The most important thing to keep in mind is that NADRA does not directly issue marriage certificates, so they must be issued by the official authority, such as the cantonment board or union council.


There are both Urdu and English versions of NADRA (Islamic) marriage certificates. 

You need an official Pakistani marriage certificate in order to apply for a family or spouse visa in the UK or U.S. Foreign authorities accept NADRA Marriage Registration Certificates as proof of marriage contracts. Pakistani marriage certificates are internationally recognized due to the fact that they are issued by the Pakistani government.

Types of Marriage Certificates

The Pakistani marriage certificate consists of two types:

  • Urdu Nikah Nama
  • A computerized marriage certificate issued by NADRA

Who Issues NADRA Marriage Certificates?

A marriage certificate is not issued by NADRA. It is issued by:

  • Union Council
  • TMA Office
  • Cantonment Board Office
  • Arbitration Council Office

Requirements for a NADRA Marriage Certificate?

Certificates issued by NADRA must comply with the following requirements:

  • The Urdu Nikah Nama
  • Bridal and Groom CNIC
  • Father’s CNIC (Bride and Groom)
  • Nikah Khawan’s CNIC
  • Passport copies (for foreigners)

There are many places to obtain certificates in Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, and Peshawar. Smaller cities have TMAs whose offices issue marriage certificates. Islamabad residents have access to marriage certificates issued by the Arbitration Council office. Check your marriage certificate against your official documents to ensure that all necessary information is included. If a mistake was made, you may request a correction from the issuing office.

Nadra Marriage Certificate

How To obtain a NADRA Marriage Certificate?

If you want a NADRA marriage certificate on a NADRA-issued special paper, prepare the necessary documents and visit the appropriate issuing office. 

If you live in a cantonment area, you can get your NADRA marriage certificate from the cantonment board, whereas if you live in a small town or city, you can get it from the TMA office, and if you live in Islamabad, you can get it from the Arbitration Council.


  • The office where your NADRA marriage certificate is issued will have an application form.
  • It is necessary to submit your documents, along with an application form and fee, to the issuing office.
  • NADRA marriage certificates can be picked up at the same issuing office on a specific date. 
  • It is generally possible for NADRA marriage certificates to be issued within three to five working days, provided that all the necessary documents are available.
  • You are advised to verify that all the information on your NADRA marriage certificate is accurate by comparing it with your official documents. You may request that a correction be made if an error was made by the issuing office.


Documents are Required for NADRA Marriage Certificate?

The following documents must be provided in order to obtain a NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate in Pakistan:

  • Copy of groom’s CNIC
  • Bride’s CNIC copy
  • A copy of the parents’ CNICs
  • The CNIC of Nikkah Khawan (Molvi)
  • Form for applying (signed by the applicant)

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Nadra Marriage Certificate

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